Chesterfield woman believes neglected apartment mold caused recent health problems

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield woman is at her breaking point with the landlord at her apartment complex.

Amanda Uzho believes mold in her Daniel Court & Dupuy Road apartment is to blame for a string of recent health problems. It was last summer when Uzoh first had suspicions that something was wrong with her apartment

23“I could go anywhere else and be perfectly fine – eat, be active – but when I was in here I was laying around being sick, head hurting, it was just abnormal,” she explained.

Uzoh was pregnant at the time, but after her child was delivered stillborn, she decided to investigate on her own. She conducted an at-home mold test. Even when the tests came back positive, she said her landlord refused to act.

“They didn’t come and do anything at all,” Uzoh said. “You can tell them over and over and over and nothing would happen at all.”


She said after continuing to contact management, a maintenance crew did come out, but she claims they just wiped the outer air vents with bleach.

“The situation is still there, they don’t properly care to fix anything,” Uzoh said.

The problem persisted, and Uzoh said she asked them repeatedly to treat the mold.

“They don’t care,” she said. “They’re slum lording us so they feel like they can take advantage of us.”

Maintenance finally returned, this time with a chemical spray. But when they refused to tell her what was in the spray, she asked them to come back when they would.

“It’s beyond frustrating, especially in our situation with losing a child,’ Uzoh said. “I don’t even have words for it at all.”

Uzoh feels like she and her neighbors are targeted.

“They don’t care. They have other properties in Petersburg as well as Richmond,” she said. “They’re slum lording us so they feel like they can take advantage of us.”

Her hope now is that other residents will speak up.

“If everybody just came together, I’m pretty sure they’re going to do something about it,” Uzoh said.


The landlord spoke with 8News reporter Tracey Smith off camera. He said crews would go back and clean the apartment properly and claims miscommunication was at fault for the problem not being fixed properly.

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