Richmonders excited about Slide the City

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC)  –Imagine a huge slide, about the length of three football fields in downtown Richmond.  That is exactly what is scheduled to be set up in Richmond on East Byrd and 3rd streets on June 18th.t’s called Slide the City.

It’s called Slide the City, a traveling water slide that draws thousands of people to various cities each year.

Some VCU students who were sipping coffee at a Carytown coffee shop are excited about the huge slide.

B6E560D55D904ACD817D3839DD34457E“It’s a great idea, it’s going to be really fun,” VCU student Alison Dunleavy told 8News Reporter Jonathan Costen.

“A giant slip and slide thing in Richmond? That sounds amazing!” exclaimed D friend, Katie Sturiale.

Last year in Hampton, however, the attraction had its share of problems, including improper amounts of chlorine in the water, and even at times not enough water on the slides for people to go downhill. Some  actually walked down portions of the slide. Others had to be treated for heat exhaustion.  Some participants even demanded a refund.

Richmonder John Patrom is not discouraged.

“Things happen at events, so with something of that magnitude you can expect something to go awry,” he said. “Especially here in Richmond, you know, we have a lot of events that come that are really really big; traffic gets backed up, we have to go to alternative routes like literally anything can go awry, anything.”

“A giant slip and slide thing in Richmond? That sounds amazing!” — VCU student Katie Sturiale

Carytown business owner Emma Bindas is also optimistic.

“I think it’s interesting,” she said. “I think it needs to be done right, especially with how many incidents occur, especially during the middle of the summer with this heat. I think they need to be fully equipped with staff, have the correct plan and I think it will be okay.”

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