Army rangers release Memorial Day tribute

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Two soldiers currently deployed in Afghanistan released a Memorial Day tribute music video in honor of fallen comrades.

Army rangers, First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright said the message behind “I’m going to miss you” is simple:

“Memorial Day is about remembering the ones we lost and supporting their loved ones. It’s about celebrating the lives they lived. Thanking them for allowing us the opportunity to come home safe, and most of all, thanking them for a second chance to hug our loved ones.”

The song was originally written by First Lt. Ycovone in 2013, right before going to Infantry Officer Basic Training in Fort Benning, Georgia.

“I originally wrote it to my family as a gift and to say goodbye. I was scared at the time, not knowing what the future held, and knowing that joining the Infantry meant there was a chance I could would be deployed, and moreover that I could die,” said Yacovone.

Yacovone said he played the song for First Lt. Wright on the first day they met. Wright said he liked the song and couldn’t get it out of his head.

First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright(Courtesy: Interstate 10/ABC)
First Lt. Andrew Yacovone and First Lt. Justin Wright(Courtesy: Interstate 10/ABC)

“I never thought that I would be releasing ‘I’m Gonna Miss You’ as a tribute to Memorial Day, until after our first deployment. The song took on a whole new meaning after we lost some of our soldiers in 2014. I can remember the wave of fear and the eerie silence that filled the air after all was said and done. I know Justin felt it too. He says that his entire company was different after. Not more than six hours earlier they were sitting right there in that chair laughing,” said Yacovone.

At the beginning of 2015, Yacovone said Wright brought up the song and suggested they revisit it. Finally, the two sat down and reworked the song to fit Memorial Day, staying up all night to record it right before they left for Afghanistan.


“This video and song are in memory of all the soldiers who came before us and died fighting for our country. Those we knew personally: 2LT Justin L. Sisson, PFC Jacob H. Wykstra, SSG Benjamin G. Prange, and PFC Keith M. Williams,” said Yacovone.

The actual music video was shot in Afghanistan, where the two are currently deployed. They’ve vouched to donate $500 to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation if they can reach 100,000 views on the YouTube music video between the release and midnight of Memorial Day.

“Please help us spread awareness and remind the public to remember this Memorial Day,” said Yacovone. “Although we are proud to serve, we always count down the days till we come home, because above all are the people back home who support, love, and care about us. And for that, we salute you, all the way from Afghanistan.”

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