Flags controversy at Virginia Beach motor home park

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A fight is brewing in Virginia Beach over someone flying a Nazi flag and another flag with an icon that resembled an ISIS symbol.

The flags were posted at an RV in the Indian Cove Resort, a well-maintained motor home and mobile home property park in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach.

10 On Your Side received photos of a Nazi-Swastika flag and an ISIS look-alike flag flying over a motor home. There was also an American flag at the top of the flag pole.

Virginia Beach Police confirm they were called to the property to mitigate an argument between two park residents. It appears one resident put up a Confederate flag, and then another resident responded by putting up the Nazi and ISIS-like flags.

10 On Your Side was told that after heated exchanges, the flags were taken down.

10 On Your Side’s Andy Fox got a lift from Scott Christman and his boat, the “Double Trouble.” Christman and his First Mate, Kevin, agreed to take Andy down to Indian Cove Resort.

From the photo sent to 10 On Your Side, it was clear the motor home with the controversial flags was along the water. When Andy arrived, Virginia Beach Police were still on scene.

Andy jumped out of the boat with photographer Walter Hildebrand and moved toward a crowd gathered in front of a motor home.

Andy asked the group: “Hey, we are looking for the Nazi and ISIS-like flags. Where are they?”

It was clear that management was not happy to see 10 On Your Side.

The Nazi and ISIS-like flags were down, but a Confederate flag was spotted still flying in the distance. It’s not clear whether that flag was part of the controversy.

When Andy asked management about the flags, the only response was “no comment” and our crew was escorted back to the boat.

Motor park member Beth Pittard spoke to 10 On Your Side from shore and says the flags go against campground rules.

“It offends everyone around, so everyone wants them removed,” Pittard said.

Resort General Manager Robin Helfant later gave 10 On Your Side a statement: “We are handling this internally. Motor home owners were involved. The Board of Directors will have to determine what happens.”

When 10 On Your Side asked “Double Trouble” Captain Scott Christman, a Navy veteran, what he thought about the flags.

“I don’t know why they didn’t just tell us what they’re doing about it,” Christman said. “That guy is hiding somewhere just like ISIS. He’s hiding but they’ll find him.”

There will be no charges filed in the case. Police say the flags are protected by First Amendment rights.

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