Petersburg’s proposed budget chips away at city’s deficit

PETERSBURG, Va (WRIC)- Petersburg has struggled for years to get a handle on its financial problems. Acting City Manager Dironna Belton thinks the $101 million spending plan that was presented to City Council Tuesday night places the city on a path to a healthy financial future.

“The total budget plus special fund, utility fund, enterprise fund, and the general fund is $101 million dollars, but the general fund is $70 million,” said Dironna Belton.

The plan reduces the budget by six percent, cutting the city’s deficit by millions supported by projected revenue.

“From FY 2015, it was about $6 million. We have done a lot of reductions this year to lower the projected to $2 million deficit,” said Dironna Belton.

The City also plans to reach their financial goals by combining departments.

If the plan is approved, the tourism and cultural affairs departments will be joined with the economic development department.

The plan slates $8 million to the Petersburg  Police Department and  $5 million to the Fire Department. All departments will be cut by four percent except schools.

“The schools, were happy to maintain the funding from last year as well as give a two percent increase,” said Dironna Belton.

Petersburg Public Schools could receive more than $11 million.

City Council has until June 30th to approve the budget.

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