RPD captain says youth violence ‘is on the rise’

Richmond, VA (WRIC) — Richmond Police tell 8News they are seeing more teenagers committing violent crimes in the community.

“It is on the rise,” Captain Angela Greene with RPD said. “We are seeing a lot of younger individuals committing more violent acts than before. Again, I believe they’re just not quite sure how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.”

8News has requested specific numbers from the RPD. They said it takes a few days to access their database and sort through the information. We will update this post when the data is provided.

“I believe they’re just not quite sure how to resolve conflicts without the use of violence.” –RPD Captain Angela Greene

Greene said that’s why Richmond police works closely with public schools to determine the root of the problem and deter in-school violence and arrests.

RPD reports the number of in-school arrests have dropped drastically in one year, with 46 arrests this year compared to the 95 in-school arrests made this time last year.

“Which is a 48 percent decrease,” Captain Greene said, “and we’d like to say a lot of that is due to the ‘Life’ program that we now have in place which is an alternative to in-school arrests.”

810D9C5BBC5A467C8F562CA4AF75E460As a parent and a police officer, Greene said it’s a harsh reality that teenagers and the communities nationwide face every day.

“The problem is bigger than policing,” Greene said. “Obviously, as police officers, we can only do so much. It needs to start with the home and parents at home if you see a change in your child. You know your child. Reach out to an adult, talk to police.”

Superintendent Doctor Dana Bedden said on the school front this violence impact students who are innocent bystanders as well as those that are resulting to violence.

“The large increase is happening in the community,” Dr. Bedden said, “but that impacts the students when they are coming to school. A large increase in incidents of weapons in the community, serious incidents that have resulted in arrests and a large amount of students being charge.”

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