RPD officer offers unexpected comfort to child at crime scene

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC)–On a violent day in Richmond, one police officer provided some unexpected comfort to a little girl.

While detectives investigated a double shooting outside the Midlothian Village Apartments, Sergeant Carol Adams brightened the day of a child who lives there.

“My officer pulled up with it and she said, ‘that’s for me?'” recalls Sgt. Adams. “And I said, ‘yea,’ and so she started walking a little faster and I said, ‘you can run. Go get it!'”


Police gifted 4-year-old Zaniri Carrington with her first bicycle.

“It’s pretty and I love my bike and it’s pretty,” the young girl exclaimed.

“It’s pretty and I love my bike and it’s pretty,” the young girl exclaimed.

Carrington lives with her great grandma. A few months ago, when her granny fell and couldn’t get up, the little girl called 911.

“I dialed 911 and I opened the door and I let them come in and pick my grandma off the floor,” Carrington explained.

Her great grandmother, Aggie Roberts, remembers it well.

“She was telling the ambulance, ‘come on! My grandma’s on the floor! She’s right here.’ I just said, ‘thank you, Lord. Thank you for being here.’ That’s my angel from heaven.”

“That’s my angel from heaven.” — A. Roberts said of her granddaughter.

Grandma shared that story with Sgt. Adams who was at the scene of that double shooting.

“She told me that she called the police and she could call for help for her grandma, and that’s what we want to teach kids and teach people, you know? We are their friends and call us when they need help,” Sgt. Adams said.

Little Zaniri didn’t need much help pedaling around her surprise. It’s a moment police hope outshines the violence she witnessed outside her home.

“You know, it made her day forever and she’ll always remember that,” Sgt. Adams added. “Maybe she’ll remember the shooting, maybe she won’t, but she will remember that we were here and we really had a good time with her and that the police gave her a bike.”

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