Henrico fire crew recognized for saving child’s life

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) –  The Henrico Fire Department held its annual awards program Monday night. A new honor this year, “Excellence in EMS” is for those directly responsible for saving a life.

One of the two that received the award was responsible for rescuing a child pinned under a vehicle.

It was December 28, 2015, when Henrico Fire Station 1 received the call about an accident on Laburnum and Alma Avenue.

“We received the call, we were ready to go out the door,” explained Lt. Bruce Ivey.

It just so happens the accident was right down the street.

“There was no time to prepare being two blocks out,” said Capt. Mark Cumashot. “There is no mental prep time that you have.”

The crew had to think fast, because a car had driven off the road into a bus stop, pinning a child under a pile of debris.

“Years of training and continuous training paid off and made it very smooth,” said Lt. Ivey.

That training was actually something the crew had done two hours before the call, just by chance.

“We have a car out back that the department has allowed up to put back there, we did that drill that morning,” said Capt. Cumashot.

They pulled the young girl out alive and responders said it’s an experience that will stick with them.

“You couldn’t have something like that hit home to a father,” said Capt. Cumashot. “That hits us all hard if a father is involved in that type of rescue.”

A total of eight crew members were honored Monday night.

“I’m just blessed to be working with a great group of guys and the continuous training that we do and the teamwork really paid off in the heat of the moment,” said Lt. Ivey.

Crews from Engine 14 and Fire Medic 14 were also awarded the “Excellence in EMS Award” for saving a man’s life on Williamsburg Road.

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