Community helps 100-year-old Richmond church fund new roof

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A 100-year-old church in Richmond is in danger of closing its doors, but remains open thanks to support from the community.

Last year, All Souls Presbyterian Church was on a mission to raise $50,000 for a new roof to save their building and their congregation.

“It was pretty bad,” the church’s property manager, David Howell, told 8News. “We were at the point where the city, if we didn’t do it, the city was going to close the church down.”


The church saw some major damage inside as rain trickled in from outside. The congregation turned to the community, the internet, and the media to try and raise the funds.

“It means a lot to me,” added the church’s clerk, Jamila White. “I’ve been coming here with my grandmother since I was seven. I was baptized here.”

18ED913775C342B6B40A0337B3E1C88EWhite says it was faith that kept her from worrying.

“If it was meant for the doors to close then we would have to go somewhere else, but I had faith enough that this would be taken care of in time,” she said.

Last fall, the church hit its goal and installed a new roof thanks to donations from its neighbors and others across the country,including a number of fellow churches.

03AABC2983474F24ABBAF061439CE16A“If we didn’t have the roof, we wouldn’t have the building, we wouldn’t have the church, but now that we have that protection, God’s put that protection over us, now we can continue forward,” said Reverend Brint Keyes.

“Anything is possible as long as we put our hearts and minds into it and be faithful,” said Howell.

The church is holding a celebration on May 15th, with an 11:15 a.m. service and 12:30 p.m. reception for all those that helped.

“Thank you, thank you so very, very much and God bless you,” said Keyes.

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