Comcast increasing data cap for customers


(WRIC) — Comcast is increasing its data cap for streaming customers more than three-fold.

Comcast had been testing a 300-gigabyte monthly data cap. That’s equivalent to about 100 hours of HD movies on Netflix. But now, it’s giving customers 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) instead. Comcast says that would let customers stream about 700 hours of video and download 60,000 high-resolution photos each month. Meanwhile, 16 people could simultaneously play online video games every hour the entire month long.

Customers who still need more data will have to pay for it, as Comcast has also increased the price of its unlimited data plan. Those paying an extra $30 or $35 for unlimited data will now have to pay $50 on top of their regular bill.

The new data cap and unlimited data price will take effect on June 1.

Only about 12% of customers are subject to data caps. More than 99% of those customers “do not come close” to using a terabyte of data, according to Marcien Jenckes, head of Comcast’s consumer cable services. About 8% of Comcast customers used more than the old 300 GB data cap each month.

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