Governor Terry McAuliffe defines his controversial order on ABCs “This Week.”

(WRIC) — Governor Terry McAuliffe defines his controversial order, restoring felons voting rights, on ABCs “This Week.”

He received a lot of support and backlash. Some of that backlash came from State Republican Rob Bell.

“Murder victims don’t get to sit on juries bu not the men that killed them will,” Bell said.  “A murder victim won’t get to vote but the man that killed them will.”

Governor McAuliffe responded to the people who have an issue with his decision.

“Let’s let people back in,” Gov. McAuliffe said. “Second chances matter. They’ve served their time. They’re in our communities. Why not let them vote? I don’t understand. I’m not giving you your gun rights back. I’m not reducing your sentence. I’m merely saying after you have served your time and your probation and your parole are all over, determined by a judge and jury, I want you feeling good about yourself. I want you voting.”

Governor McAuliffe says he’s positive the order will withstand any legal challenge.

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