Thieves caught on camera stealing package from porch in Chesterfield

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A pair of thieves recently stole a package off a front porch in the Bexley subdivision in Chesterfield, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

A video of two girls was actually taken on April 5th, but the homeowner, Kim Jones, just discovered what happened last week when she realized that her package hadn’t shown up.

Perhaps the most bizarre detail is the camera that caught the girls in the act is not hidden, but sitting in plain sight.

14DEF565D94D40218D24382A9C64161F“Put that thing in our bucket, hurry up,” is clearly heard from the camera app that Jones uses to keep surveillance on her home.

In the video, Jones’ package, a shipment of workout clothes, is seen in a rocking chair. The girl at the door tells the other one, “make it fall on the ground.”

After it falls, you can hear her say, “Alright, now scoot it up and put it in the bucket.”

What would’ve otherwise been a clean escape was all caught on a camera sitting right on top of the doorbell.

“I was so surprised. I couldn’t believe it. I called the police,” Jones said.

For a flat fee of roughly $200, lets you keep an eye on your home and even answer the door when you’re away.

Thankful that she made the modest investment, Jones says, “I thought the doorbell was kind of overkill, but I wanted to be able to answer the door when we weren’t home. I just couldn’t believe where they were, kind of casing our house and looking in the windows and trying to figure out was someone here.”

“They were talking about that nobody could see them.”

Now everyone can see them since the video has been shared on Facebook and with police.

Jones has now gone the extra mile to let people know they’re being watched.

4BA0E63FCA3D48F2BFC2C45F44687E03“I did put up a sign that did indicate there is video surveillance around our home, so hopefully that might deter someone else,” she said.

Chesterfield Police say this is the 12th package snatching incident since last January.

As for Jones, her replacement workout gear arrived in the mail Wednesday

If you recognize the girls in the video, call Chesterfield Police.

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