Gasp-worthy video: Biker nearly hit by semi after crashing into dog

Whoa. These videos are the definition of the term close call.

A group of bikers was traveling on Highway 21 between Omro and Redgranite last Saturday when a motorcyclist hit a dog in the road, biker Dan Seubert tells Action 2 News.

But that wasn’t the scariest part.

Videos posted on YouTube by Travis Meyer show a biker hitting the dog and wiping out. Meyer also wipes out and he is nearly hit by an oncoming semi.

The videos were captured by Seubert’s helmet cam.

“From a group ride on April 16th. I was on the supermoto and walked away with minor injury’s [sic],” Travis Meyer says in the video description. “The rider on the first bike had some road rash, bruised bones, and bruised kidney. Wear your gear people!”

WARNING: This video contains some strong language. It also shows a motorcycle hitting a dog, which some may find upsetting.

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