Boy with autism raising money for service dog

ETTERS, Pa (WHTM) — At age two, Landon Dillman showed signs of being different. For one, he was the only toddler around who could read. By age four, his social anxiety and emotional meltdowns were enough for concern. Soon after, he was recognized to be on the autism spectrum.

Now age 7, Landon continues to excel academically, having already skipped kindergarten. He also continues to have difficulty interacting with others and dealing with loud noises and crowds. The fun-loving little boy has emotional meltdowns elopement issues, meaning he tends to walk away from his parents and classroom. He requires constant attention and supervision to ensure his safety.

Landon’s parents, Jennifer and Brian, are raising money to purchase a service dog.

“We’re working with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. And they are a non-profit organization that places service dogs with children with autism,” says Jennifer. “They have standard things that they’re trained for. Which is the safety issues, to bring the child back. They’re trained to lay on the pressure points on the child to help them calm down, so if he would go into a meltdown, the dog would know how to get on him and calm him down.”

For the past two years, the Dillmans have received enough support from their community to reach 66-percent of their $25,000 goal.

To learn more, donate, or support fundraisers for Landon, click here.

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