8 Questions with Juan Conde: Chris Dovi

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In this edition of 8 Questions with Juan Conde, 8News anchor Juan Conde chats with Chris Dovi, a founder of codevirginia.org. The Richmond non-profit is molding the way we teach area children and their teachers about computer coding. The landscape’s changed quite a bit since the personal computer revolution began.  And still, 30 years later, most kids are still woefully short of the training and lessons required to fully participate in the digital economy.

Here is a short clip from the interview:

“Seventy percent of STEM field jobs, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math jobs are computer science jobs,” explained Dovi. “They require computer science:  Computational thinking, critical thinking, and coding skills to do those jobs — the end coding being one of the critical elements there. Right now in our schools, very few kids actually ever have this as a topic they’re ever taught.”

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