Bank robbers wrap up head-to-toe in aluminum foil for heist

SANTA CATARINA, Brazil (WRIC/CNN) — Two robbers chose an interesting form of camouflage when they attempted to rob a bank.

Santa Catarina military police believe the suspects were likely trying to ‘foil’ the alarm of the Praia Grande branch of the Banco do Brasil late Saturday when they chose the aluminum foil outfits.

The suspects failed to notice the security cameras capturing their every move.

“They broke down one of the walls and thought the detectors from the alarm would not notice them,” Santa Catarina military police spokesman Maj. Cristian Dimitri told CNN. “When the bank’s central monitoring system saw them on the screen, they called the police immediately.”

The robbers fled empty-handed but left behind a power drill.

Police believe they were working with one or two people, acting as lookouts.

One arrest has been made in connection to the attempted robbery.

In the past, a separate group managed to rob several ATMs in Rio de Janeiro using an aluminum cloak, which was meant to throw off an alarm activated by body heat.

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