Stuffed animal journeys to the edge of space in amazing video

(WRIC/ABC) — Sam the dog, along with a specialized camera and GPS tracking equipment, made an epic journey into the stratosphere and back safely down to Earth on Wednesday.

The stuffed toy animal’s flight was part of a partnership between an English hotel group, scientists and schoolchildren at a local English primary school in an effort to teach the kids about space and physics.

The schoolchildren at Morecambe Bay Community Primary School in Lancashire, England, launched Sam the stuffed dog into the stratosphere by attaching him to a helium balloon. They were sure to also fit Sam with a GoPro camera and GPS to track every moment of his journey up to 15.5 miles above Earth.

The school joined forces with English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues and on the educational project, which aims to get kids hands-on experience in planning their own space missions.

“Everyone involved had a great time, and we think it’s a great tool for getting kids involved in learning about the world around them,” Chris Rose, executive director of, told ABC News.

Though weather conditions have made recovering Sam and all the data recorded during his journey difficult, the schoolchildren are already planning a rescue mission for the missing pup.

“When we told the children that Sam had detached from the balloon and was missing, you could hear a pin drop in the room,” Siobhan Collingwood — a teacher at the school — told ABC News. “But already the children have started a rescue mission to get Sam back safely.”

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