8News At the Box Office

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Four new movies are hitting the big screen here in RVA this weekend.

Melissa McCarthy is in Martha Stewart mode for her new movie “The Boss.” she plays a CEO who is sentenced to jail for insider trading. When she gets out from prison she turns to PR folks to help her improve her image, that has her playing den mother to a brownie troop. The comedy, directed by Mccarthy’s husband Ben Falcone, co-stars Kristin bell and Peter Dinklage. It’s rated “R.”

“Midnight Special” is the story of a young boy who has special powers. His Father, played by Michael Shannon, hides him away to protect him. There’s an amber alert out for the boy but not for the usual reasons. The mystery, from the director of “Take Shelter”, co-stars Joel Edgerton.   It’s rated “PG-13.”

“Demolition” stars Jake Gyllenhall as a man who has lost his way in the wake of his wife’s death. He seems okay on the surface but begins doing some very strange things when no one is looking. The drama, co-starring Naomi Watts, is rated “R.”

“Hardcore Henry” isn’t based on a video game, but it looks like it is. The entire film, about a man who is brought back to life who looks to get revenge on the man who killed him, is shot from his point of view.  Basically, it looks like a first-person shooter game. The action film starring Sharlto Copley and Tim Roth is rated “R.”

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