Metro Richmond Zoo orangutan passes away

(Photos: Metro Richmond Zoo/Facebook)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Metro Richmond Zoo is mourning the loss of JoJo, a female orangutan. She was 31-years-old.

The Zoo said in a Facebook post Monday that JoJo joined their family in 1997. She was a favorite among zoo staff and visitors and was described by the zoo as “a kind and playful spirit.”

JoJo was one of the few orangutans in the world who could whistle on command, the Zoo said.

Several years ago JoJo was diagnosed with diabetes. As a result, Zoo staff relocated her to an off-exhibit enclosure, so we could monitor her more closely. Zoo staff trained JoJo to allow us to check her blood sugar and administer insulin daily. We were able to regulate the diabetes and she spent the past few years surrounded by her caregivers and extremely spoiled.

Recently, however, JoJo was diagnosed with kidney failure. As her condition rapidly declined, we kept her comfortable and showered her with love. JoJo passed away peacefully last Friday night in her sleep.

This is a difficult time for our staff and everyone who loved her. She will be missed.”

Rest in peace, JoJo.

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