Colonial Heights police investigating after home break-in caught on camera

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — Police need your help to track down an alleged crook after a break-in in Colonial Heights was caught on camera.

Sade Jones is an active military member who works two jobs and still finds time to go to school and take care of her 3-year-old autistic child. She and her son returned home from vacation only to find their home had been ransacked with many of their belongings missing.

“When I first came home, you see this huge TV that isn’t there,” Jones said as she walked 8News through her home. “Everything is just on the floor, everything is disconnected so I’m like, ‘oh my goodness.’ And you hear the back door fly open, so I’m like, ‘somebody is in my house.’

Jones says she came home to find her window screen popped out. That’s apparently how the thief or thieves got inside. Her backdoor was also wide open, which is how police believe the suspect/s escaped with her belongings.

“They either had to come in the window or they were houdini and walked through the walls,” Jones said.

Among the items the suspect/s took were Jones’ TVs, DVD players and wedding ring. Strangely, it seems they also took toilet paper and paper plates. And once they spotted it, they even took the camera itself that was strategically placed inside Jones’ son’s room.

“It scared me to death because he was in my son’s room,” Jones said. “He’s sitting there fiddling with the TV trying to get it off the mount.”

Thanks to Jones’ well-placed camera, the crime was captured and stored in the Cloud. And now police say they have a good idea who they are looking for.

“Once I saw his face, I was terrified,” Jones said. “Instantly I thought, ‘what if we were home?’

Police say they are looking for at least one suspect, but have reason to believe there could be more. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

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