Sandston residents banding together after rash of burglaries

SANDSTON, Va. (WRIC) — Upset residents in Sandston are vowing to come together following a rash of crime in their neighborhood. The area saw three car break-ins in one day this week. That’s in addition to three other burglaries in the past 30 days.

“It makes me very nervous because I have a little daughter,” said Sandston resident Megan Welborn.

Welborn says earlier this week, someone broke into her neighbor’s car two doors down from her home. Welborn says her family has also been victimized by burglars who broke into their car a while ago. Months ago, Welborn says her neighbor’s shed was broken into and guns were stolen.

“That’s pretty scary that they’re actually that brave to steal something like that,” said Welborn.

Welborn is hoping more neighbors keep their lights on and lock their car doors. Others say they have faith in the community.

“It’s irritating, you know, Sandston has taken a turn in the last five years, but with a strong community we’ll get it under control,” added resident Chelsea Christian.

Christian, who lives in the same neighborhood, says her husband’s car was also broken into this week. She says it’s been a while since they’ve seen a rash of break-ins like this. The neighborhood banded together the last time something like this happened.

“We took on shifts driving through the neighborhood to look out for each other,” Christian said. “If we saw anything suspicious we called police.”

Christian says they will again come together and patrol the neighborhood in order to protect themselves and each other.

“We’re prepared to do what we need to to keep our community safe,” said Christian.

Residents say there is a neighborhood Facebook page and next door app. They’re hoping people sign up so they can communicate with each other if they see anything suspicious.

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