Shaving heads to raise money for childhood cancer research

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Folks in Uptown are feeling the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit a little early while raising money for an important cause.  The Saint Baldrick’s Foundationwas in Uptown shaving heads to raise money for cancer research.

Kaitlan Barron took her daughter, Peyton, to the doctor because she had a cold, but she found out matters were much worse than she thought.

“It went from a normal morning to emergency surgery the next day to get a brain tumor out,” Barron said.

The surgery was followed by 33 rounds of radiation and two months of chemotherapy.

“We thought we were good for awhile and then this past Christmas Eve we found out that the tumor had metastasized to her spine,” Barron explained.

Another surgery removed all of the three-year-old’s tumor, which was followed by another 30 rounds of radiation.  Barron hopes families won’t have to go through this pain.

Roman Ashmyan shaved his head to raise money for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation.

“I had a baby girl two weeks ago and kids change your life.  I never knew I could love something so much.  Two weeks she wasn’t there and I can’t imagine if anything were to ever happen to her,” Ashmyan explained.

Barron says people coming out to this event means a lot.

“It means that we’re not alone.  I mean there’s just so many people that care.  It means a lot,” she explained.

Saint Baldrick’s has raised more than $15 million for childhood cancer research so far this year.

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