What your chocolate tastes may reflect about your personality

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – You might have a lot to say about your favorite chocolate, but what does your favorite chocolate say about you?

“People with certain personality traits would choose certain shapes and types of chocolate,” said Dr. Sonja Koukel, a health specialist with NMSU Extension.

Dr. Koukel said it is called Chocolate Therapy.

“The chocolate therapy, I relate to stress management because chocolate has been shown to help mood,” Dr. Koukel said.

Since reading the book, Chocolate Therapy, by therapist Murray Langham, Koukel has incorporated it into her presentations on how food defines who you are.

News 13 tested the theory at ChocolateDude in Nob Hill to see what we could learn from people’s sweet tooth.

“Dark, milk, white. As long as it’s got coconut in it,” said Sam Moore.

“I like things that are super crunchy,” said Isabella Cervantes.

“I like dark chocolate and typically the darker the better,” said Kirk Clark, a co-owner of ChocolateDude.

Dark chocolate means you’re usually thinking about the future, according to Koukel.

“I’ll take that,” Clark said as he laughed. “I don’t know if that’s true about me, but I’ll take it.”

White chocolate says you have an innate sense of fairness and milk chocolate lovers tend to focus on past happiness, a time when things were simple.

“I think it could be true,” Sally Madani said.

Even those who didn’t buy it could agree on one thing.

“Generally the best type of people like chocolate,” Madani said.

Here is a brief summary of what the shape means according to Koukel:

• Circle: As a circle person, you love company. In fact, you must be around people or life is not worth living.

• Oval: You move beyond the circle, stretching your limits. You do this by using your feelings for others and, in turn, opening yourself to expressing your thoughts.

• Square: All sides equal, you are balanced and therefore it’s hard for others to push you around. This makes you honest and truthful.

• Rectangle: You are a loyal person who loves sitting or staying in one place. You seem to be a rock for others to lean on.

• Diamond: You make decisions slowly, after internalizing them, and only move on to a new project when you feel from deep within you that it is right.

Here is a brief summary of what the type of chocolate means according to Koukel:

• Milk: As a lover of milk chocolate, you like to live in the past emotionally, to love that sweet, smooth feeling that is the pure essence of childhood.

• Dark: You’re a forward-looking person. Your thoughts are always directed towards the future.

• Bitter: A connoisseur of the fine things in life, you know what you’re talking about and you are specialist in your field.

• All chocolate: So you’re a person who is flexible and can fit into any situation anytime, anywhere.

• White chocolate: You have an innate sense of fairness. You believe you have the power of the universe at your command.


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