All-female high school engineering team inventing device for the disabled

BERLIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new invention is in the works at Berlin High School.

The device will allow people who are disabled to still be able to participate in physical activities. It’s being created by young, female engineers.

Berlin High School was one of 14 schools in the country to be selected to take on the challenge as part of a grant given by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The young women had to think of an everyday problem in the real world and create something to help solve it.

The device is made up of four parts: the control console, the level launch, the robot chassis, and the mechanical arm. Together, they create one device that will help someone in a wheelchair be able to do simple tasks such as throw a small object back and forth.

While the device is not finished, it’s been worked on for months. The challenge has helped the young women learn about engineering on a mechanical perspective as well as software development and electric.

The engineers said the beginning phase of the project was the most difficult, but they’ve come a long way.

The device will be complete in May. Once it’s finished, it will be shipped to MIT to be presented in June at the 10th annual Eureka Fest.

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