Have another bowl, it’s National Cereal Day!

(AP Photo/David Duprey, File)

(WHTM) — Monday is National Cereal Day, which is celebrated annually on March 7.

According to the website, nationalcerealday.com, the invention of breakfast cereal came in the mid-1800s to supplement a “poor American diet” packed with protein, booze and caffeine.

Now, 2.7 billion boxes of cereal are sold every year — enough to wrap around the earth 13 times.

If you plan to start your day with cereal, you are not alone. The website says 49 percent of people in the U.S. start their day with a bowl.

It is a household staple that even the astronauts on Apollo 11 ate while in space. Since the lack of gravity kept them from pouring it into a bowl with milk, the cereal was mixed with fruit and pressed into cubes.

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