Colonial Heights students spend their day giving back

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va (WRIC) — More than 300 students and community members spent their Saturday giving back with their annual Volunteer-a-thon.

Students of all ages came out to Colonial Heights High School to volunteer for a number of good causes.

Thomas Balch, a student, said they wanted to teach younger students the value of volunteering.

“Volunteer-a-thon is basically this huge get together of all of our student and we actually invite students from the middle school and elementary school as well, so that way we can get the students involved and teach them the value of volunteering,” Balch said.

The students did a little bit of everything, from putting on skits for nursing home residents to making dresses out of pillow cases to send to girls in Africa.

“We have people building dog toys in one of the rooms,” Balch said.  “We have peanut butter and jelly drives so we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff, not just for people around the community and overseas. We have stuff for everybody.”

Mary Henle, a teacher, says this was a big turn out.

“Every year this has gotten bigger and bigger,” says Henle. “I don’t know how many kids are here today, but there are I don’t know how many different rooms all over this school that are doing different projects.”

Participating students earn volunteer service hours and have a chance to win a volunteer award.

The Volunteer-a-thon has been going on for four years.

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