‘We were really blessed’: In the midst of destruction, this Waverly family’s home was spared

WAVERLY, Va. (WRIC) — In the midst of debris everywhere in Waverly, you can find one home miraculously left untouched after a deadly tornado touched down Wednesday.

William and Linda Ballance were counting their lucky stars as they picked up debris around their home Thursday. With the exception of a broken window, their home was spared by the tornado. Yet all around them is destruction.

“You can tell the wind was real strong,” Linda Ballance said. “You could feel it in the house.”

The Ballances heard the storm approaching and immediately took shelter.

“The trees started going real fast, so we went in the house in the closet,” Linda recalled.

Though the storm packed a deadly punch, the Ballances say it was over shortly.

“Five to seven minutes,” said William. “It was real quick.”

The Ballances are thankful that they didn’t experience more tragedy, like some of those around them.

“We were really blessed.”

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