Up & App ‘Em: Improving your home and easily de-cluttering your inbox

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Is your phone always beeping, vibrating or lighting up with constant email notifications? Or how about the project around the house that you’re not quite sure how to conquer?

Today, Meteorologist Tim Pandajis shows us two separate apps: one that alleviates cluttered inboxes and another to achieve all your home improvement goals.

Email: it’s the way we communicate with each other. Like it or not, junk mail gets thrown in the mix. Eventually it builds up from online purchases, newsletters, and more. At some point, you give up and would rather not spend an afternoon unsubscribing from email blasts. UnRollMe is an app that does exactly what it sounds like — it unsubscribes you to all the mess!

Here’s what you do, link your email accounts, UnRollMe scans your inbox for all your email subscriptions, lists them and you get to pick which ones you want unsubscribed and the ones that may be important so you keep. Just like that, your inbox is no longer cluttered.

Are you addicted to Pinterest, a big lover of DIY projects or just like exploring fun tips and ways of doing household projects? BrightNest is a brand new adaptation of this.

Remember the LifeHacks I brought you back in November? This is that but focuses on your home. There are tons of reasons why BrightNest is so great: it’s free, totally customizeable to your home or apartment, it lets you schedule tasks or set home maintenance reminders and has a library of thousands of articles.

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