Appomattox community comes together to help those affected by the storm

APPOMATTOX, Va. (WSLS) — The cleanup process begins after a tornado destroyed many homes in Appomattox County.

While many are wanting to help volunteer to cleanup, some young people at on the football team are working to help cleanup debris left behind.

About 25 students on the Appomattox County High school football team are lifting heavy materials, like wood or bricks that were ripped away from homes when a tornado hit Appomattox county.

Drew Mann is helping to remove debris from aunt’s house. He’s glad to know that his teammates are helping out.

“That’s even more better just to be with them, it’s great to see how our football team comes together this is true family right here,” Mann said.

Mann’s coach volunteered. He said he’s glad to see his players come together in a time of need.

“It makes me feel great last night they knew all the stuff happened they got on the phone with each other and wanted to know what they could do to help and they say count me in coach I’ll be there,” Doug Smith, Appomattox Head Football Coach said.

Meanwhile, others in the community are offering their support to those who lost everything.

“One of those where I saw and heard about my friend, it’s one of those things you don’t know what to say,” Jordan Helton, who is helping his friend who lost a home said.

This isn’t the first time this team has come tougher in a time of need.

The last time was for the coach’s “Power of One” Mission last season after a number of tragic incidents involving high school students.

The team went to win the 2-A state football championship.


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