Six defendants found guilty during Kevin Quick murder case

Clockwise from top left: Shantai Shelton, Mersadies Shelton, Daniel Mathis, Travis Bell (also known as Kweli Uhuru), Anthony Stokes, Gert Wright (also known as Halisi Uhuru)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSLS) – After two days of deliberation, a jury found all six people guilty on all charges in the Kevin Quick murder trial.

The verdict was read shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Four suspects were charged with the murder of the Waynesboro reserve police captain Kevin Quick, while the other two were found guilty of being gang ringleaders in a racketeering conspiracy.

Captain Kevin Quick
Captain Kevin Quick

Quick’s body was found in February of 2014 in Goochland County.

Closing arguments wrapped up Tuesday morning. The jury looked through evidence and what was brought up in the past three weeks.

More than 50 witnesses took the stand. During closing arguments, prosecutors ask the jury to pay attention to the evidence and not “distractions” from the defense.

Kevin Quick’s family was also in the courtroom.

The government’s lawyers say after spending countless hours on this case they’re pleased over the verdict.

“It was over 10,000 work hours of all the investigators, the Louisa County Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia State Police, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and all the other agencies that worked together,” says Rusty McGuire, Special United States Attorney. “It was a tremendous effort.”

“I’m not gonna tell you it’s not the verdict I didn’t expect,” says Jimmy Turk, one of the defendants’ lawyer. “This jury worked hard and gave it a lot of consideration and honestly, the facts were too overwhelming.”

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