Residents relive horrific moments as deadly tornado hits Waverly

WAVERLY, Va. (WRIC) — The horrors of the EF-1 tornado that left miles of destruction in the Town of Waverly was captured briefly on security cameras at a local auto parts store, just feet away from the trailer where three people lost their lives.

“I saw this big cloud and all of a sudden it got dark,” recalls Waverly resident Clarence Bain, Jr. “And then the wind got up, I saw the roof coming off the top of the buildings.”

Employees inside Glenn’s Automotive Service and Body Shop ran for shelter, some hiding under desks.

“I got scared, I’ll be honest with you,” Bain, Jr. said.

In a matter of seconds, residents say the storm was gone. Bain, Jr. and other employees went outside and saw a town that looked nothing like it did just moments before. He says there was an eerie silence that was soon broken by screams.

“That lady that lost her kids and everything, there was crying and her saying her baby, her baby, her baby!” Bain, Jr. said.

Bain, Jr. and others immediately led a frantic search for the three missing people.

“I fell in the woods, and when I got up and I looked right there and both the bodies were sitting over there and I called for help,” Bain, Jr. said.

The bodies he found were that of 50-year-old Larry Turner and 26-year-old Devine Stringfield.

“It was about 10 minutes or something like that and somebody on the other side of the field and they said they got the baby.”

Two-year-old Ivan Lewis was also dead.

“It was something I don’t ever want to experience no more in my life,” Bain, Jr. said.

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