Homes destroyed, 1 killed after rough weather hits Appomattox

APPOMATTOX COUNTY, Va. (WSLS) – Severe weather ripped through Appomattox, Virginia, on Wednesday.

Officials say close to 45 homes were damaged or destroyed. The Central Baptist Church was among the buildings hit hard by the rough weather. Its steeple was blown nearly 200 feet away.

Margaret Dinges and her son Steve were inside a truck when the storm flipped it over.

“Steve said hold on and I didn’t hold on cause I didn’t know what he was talking about” said Margaret. ” I looked and saw the camper flying through the air.”

While they were shaken up, the family is thankful they survived. Evergreen suffered widespread damage including downed trees and power lines. Emergency crews blocked off roads and coordinated efforts to keep people safe.

Seeing the aftermath of mother natures wrath has people sending prayers to Appomattox.

“We are a close community our hearts go out to anyone that has lost their homes or anything in this” said Appomattox resident Susan Shirey.

As of 10 p.m. Wednesday night, officials said the severe weather caused seven reported injuries, two of which were considered serious.

One man, who had previously been reported as missing, was found dead. State Police say his body was found near his home that was destroyed in the storm.

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