Two weeks after winter storm, city launches ‘pothole palooza’

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – The City’s Department of Public Works has launched ‘pothole palooza’ to repair roads that were damaged during the recent winter storm.

Since February 1, DPW crews have filled approximately 400 potholes. Potholes are repaired year around, but DPW steps up its efforts in the winter and spring due to the impact harsh weather conditions have on city streets.

During pothole palooza, six-to-eight crews will fill the craters with hot asphalt mix. Their goal is to patch up 100 potholes a day until the majority of primary and secondary roads in the city are repaired.

“This is to get us through and to make the roads safe for people to drive on,” said public works spokeswoman Sharon North. “We’re going to try to reduce as many of the holes as we can.”

North said crews will work to finish the repairs between seven and 14 days after they are reported. You can report a pothole location 24 hours a day online using the Citizen’s Request System, or you can call in a request using the city’s 3-1-1 Customer Care system during business hours.

According to the city’s website, when winter ends and the temperature begins to rise, crews will step up their pothole repair efforts. During this accelerated repair period, DPW also conducts more road inspections to ensure all required repairs are identified. Permanent repairs and improvements are scheduled for the annual paving season which runs from April 1 through the end of October, weather permitting.

In the event your vehicle is damaged by a pothole you can file a damage claim through the City Attorney’s office.  You can reach that office by calling  (804) 646-7940.  An investigation will be conducted once your claim is filed. The results of that investigation will determine the outcome and resolution of your claim.

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