8Sports Talk: The Triple Threats

The 8Sports Podcast team. (clockwise, Chip Brierre, Robb Crocker, Will Armbruster, Mitch Carr)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Episode 3 of 8SportsTalk is here — just call it the new best trilogy ever. Where Virginia born and bred sports fans, who get paid to cover sports, try to make sense of the larger world of sports. The podcast will be posted each Monday and Friday.

On this edition, 8Sports Director Mitch Carr, 8Sports Anchor Chip Brierre, Digital Content Manager Robb Crocker, and Digital Producer Will Armbruster discuss an average, everyday football game, rumours about the next landing spot for two superstars, National Signing Day, and the sad saga of Johnny Football.

  • Full Show
  • Super Bowl 50 matchups, Chip gets angry, Manning to L.A.
  • The impact of National Signing Day
  • Could KD really go to Golden State?
  • Shootaround: The tale of two teams: The slumping Spiders and relentless Rams
  • Nevermind his on-field struggles: Johnny Football is at a critical crossroads — why isn’t the NFL doing something about it?
  • Fearless, mindblowing, and bold Super Bowl 50 predictions


Here’s another link to the playlist that includes the full recording plus cut down segments from the full recording. Missed a show? We’ll forgive you — you can find our past podcasts here.

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