Henrico residents blame mail carrier for delivery delays

HENRICO, Va. (WRIC) — On Tuesday, 8News told you about Henrico residents frustrated over poor mail service. Some folks complained they had only received mail once since last month’s snow storm.

After our calls to the US Postal Service, a convoy of mail trucks arrived Tuesday evening loaded with mail.

“We actually got three deliveries yesterday or three trucks went through our neighborhood,” explained resident Sarah Cash. “I’ve never seen so many mail trucks in our neighborhood.”

But now it appears weather may not be the only reason for the delayed delivery. Residents in three Glen Allen neighborhoods blame their mail carrier.

Kate Barnes says they’ve had problems in her neighborhood for months.

“All of us have kind of had a run in with her,” said Kate Barnes, who said there have been problems with mail service in her neighborhood for months. “Either swearing matches when we try to ask her to deliver our packages on the steps versus the driveway in the rain, I mean there’s always an issue.”

One incident involved a package discarded in a wooded area at the entrance to her neighborhood. It was addressed to someone in a subdivision just down the road.

Greg Pitrone discovered the package on December 5 and delivered the box to its rightful owner. She showed him that tracking on the parcel ended with USPS on November 21.

“We have had problems with this carrier for months and it’s kind of the running joke around here that we can’t get our mail delivered,” admits Barnes.Cash adds, “I’m grateful for the story making this problem public because I’ve really tried hard to get some things changed with the postal service and nothing seems to have worked.”

8News shared complaints about the carrier to the US Postal Service. A spokesperson assured us that the accusations would be forwarded to the postmaster immediately.

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