Mom listens to son’s heart live on thanks to organ donation

(WISH) – A mom got to hear a sound that she thought she would never get to hear again after her 18-month-old son passed away.

The Arizona mom recently got to meet the recipient of her son’s heart and in an emotional video listened to her son’s heart live on in another young child.

Heather Clark made the decision to donate 18-month-old Lukas Clark’s organs after his death in June 2013. Her actions helped save the lives of three children, including four-year-old Jordan Drake who spent the first few years of her life staying in a hospital.

Jordan was born with a congenital heart defect. Doctors told her parents the only hope was for her to have a heart transplant.

Now Lukas’s heart lives on inside Jordan.

On Jan. 29, Clark got to hear her son’s heartbeat inside Jordan. The Donor Network of Arizona captured the moment all on video.

When asked how she was feeling before the meet up Clark said she was, “Excited. I get to hear his heartbeat again and that’s really all I can think about.”

As Clark listened to her son’s heartbeat inside of Jordan, Jordan’s mother said, “That’s your baby.”

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