A gamer’s dream: Three men live in house rent-free to play video games

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – People love to play video games but what about people who love to watch others play video games?

That is where Stream House ABQ comes in—three people living rent-free at the Northeast Albuquerque home by letting others watch them game.

Jason Denbigh, Billy Hargraves and Zachary Cordova stream live video of themselves on a site called Twitch as they play video games.

“Are your friends jealous of you?” KRQE asked the gamers.

“Yeah,” Denbigh laughed. “I think the short answer is, ‘Yeah.’”

“It’s been the coolest experience of my life,” Cordova said.

“I mean, this is a dream. I’ve never done anything like this, and I’ve always wanted to,” Hargraves said.

The trio started streaming earlier this month, and they each game at least 21 hours a week.

The guys who made Stream House ABQ a reality are local entrepreneurs Simon Kubiak, Jason Montoya and a third anonymous investor.

“It started probably in middle school or early years of high school,” Kubiak said.

Video game lovers themselves, they say they want to pave the way for amateur gamers to go pro, gaining enough followers online to make money through ads.

The gamers give tips, commentary or just chat with viewers.

“I consider it kind of a show because we go live every day,” Denbigh said.

They could have anywhere from 50 to 250 people watching.

“They tune in every single day,” Denbigh said. “Some people watch us the whole day. It is astounding to me.”

It surprised us a little too. Why watch when you could just play?

“It’s a community because you can interact and chat with the person that’s broadcasting. You create kind of a friendship I guess,” Denbigh said.

While the guys in the house are good at gaming, that’s not all it takes.

They were chosen in part because they’re entertaining to watch, or good at passing along tips or just funny.

They were chosen from about 40 applicants that ranged from ages 18-51, the Stream House ABQ creators said.

They say they are looking to expand depending on how this house works out.

They hope to see Stream Houses in major cities across the country.

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