City responds to outrage over street conditions

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond’s Department of Public Works admits they didn’t reach their goal of getting all the City streets plowed or treated by Tuesday night.

“It’s just a lot of snow, even the Governor has said this will be the most expensive snow storm in the history of the Commonwealth,” said DPW spokesperson Sharon North.

But many residents say the city can do better. An 8News viewer sent us this photo of Monument Avenue in the City. The pic shows the road is covered in snow, but if you look closely at the city/county line, the street is clear in Henrico.


North says crews have been working around the clock. Yet, some like William Coleman still haven’t seen a plow.

“It was terrible up in here,” Coleman said.

He says he and neighbors shoveled Cersley Street themselves. Richmond resident Jean Kama, who has been stuck inside her home since Friday, says she was told Tuesday by DPW that her street would be cleared by 7p.m. Relief finally came Wednesday afternoon.

“I don’t know why it took so long,” she said. “Maybe they should allow more money to clean this, we obviously are going to have more storms and more snow.”

North responded to that suggestion by saying, “we would love for the city to designate more dollars for snow clean up; we work with the resources we have.”

8News asked DPW if equipment could be part of the problem. Plow drivers have reported to that 8News trucks have been breaking down and others are sitting in the shop awaiting repairs.

“As far as equipment I am sure if you talk to any other jurisdiction or VDOT they had equipment go down to it just happens, it goes down,” says North.

DPW could not tell 8News how many more streets they still needed to get to but they say they are working around the clock.

Meanwhile, Councilman Jon Baliles posted on Facebook he plans to take up the plowing problems at his next town hall meeting.

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