8News Daily Poll: Should home-schoolers be allowed to participate in public school activities?

CHMOND, Va. (WRIC/CNS) – For the third year in a row, the Virginia House of Delegates has passed a version of the “Tebow bill,” opening the door for home-schooled students to participate in after-school sports and other activities sponsored by their local public schools.

The House on Wednesday voted 58-41 in favor of the legislation, nicknamed for star quarterback Tim Tebow, who excelled playing high school football in Florida in the early 2000s while being home-schooled.

Supporters of the bill argue that “there is a group of young, hardworking, disciplined, American citizens, who are discriminated against because they choose to home educate.”

Much of the opposition to the bill has to do with the “choice provision” of the bill. Some fear the law may be used unequally by different districts, thereby creating an unequal playing field.

HB 131 still has a long way to go. Similar versions of the bill have been kicked around the General Assembly for years. Last year, the assembly passed such legislation, but Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed it.

“That is part of the process when you go to school, and if you are not in that school then you do not have those attendance or those academic requirements, therefore it is not fair,” Gov. McAuliffe said.

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