Richmonders start to dig out from the snow storm

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Many neighborhoods are still a mess, as folks spent the day trying to dig out. Lots of people in the area are preparing for the work week and trying to dig themselves out of all the snow that has fallen.

Residents all over the region have been out all Sunday shoveling their driveways trying to make it easier to get out.

One woman who told us her children had a lot of difficult trying to get in and out of their community.

“I know my son really had trouble last night,” said Linda Lumpkin. “He got out a little bit. He had trouble getting in and out of the neighborhood. I think that is really where most of the problems probably are. My daughter is kind of snowed in.”

While many of the main roads are clear, a lot of the side streets still aren’t, and people are having a lot of trouble.

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