Mayor Jones: Richmond has been preparing for winter storm for a week

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Mayor Dwight Jones said at a news conference Friday that the city has been getting ready for the storm for at least a week.

In the basement of the Main Street Library, an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been set up. All the responding agencies are there in one room, working together to address the storm. Officials say being in one place cuts down on the time it takes to solve any issues.

Mayor Jones said the city has already pre-treated bridges and hills and opened its shelters to keep people out of the cold. Click here to learn more about winter weather shelters in Richmond.

If you’re heating your own home, Richmond Fire officials said you need to remember to keep everything at least three feet away from any heating source — including your curtains, furniture or any decorations you might have around.

Officials are handing out yardsticks, calling them safety sticks, to give citizens a visual reminder of what three feet looks like.

Watch the press conference in full below:

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