Grafitti vandals strike in Scott’s Addition

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Vandals struck in Scott’s Addition recently, tagging several buildings and a vehicle with graffiti.

This latest round of graffiti happened late Sunday into Monday, leaving people who live and work in the area fed up.

A truck belonging to the rental company Paisley & Jade was tagged. The company’s building was also hit. The owner says this is the first time their building has been vandalized, but across the street a warehouse, that does metal duct work was also tagged. The owner of that business says his building has been hit several times now. Both owners say they wish people would respect each others property.

“I kind of thought with the other apartments and stuff moving in we might see less of it, but it may even be bringing it back because it gives them more of an audience,” said Jeff Wall, who owns the duct work business that was tagged.

“I mean, we were all kids once and who knows who did this but I feel like there has to be some sort of human decency of like, ‘hey, I’ve worked hard for this, please don’t mess it up just for kind of kicks,'” said  Morgan Montgomery, owner of  Paisley & Jade.

If you know anything about this you can always call Richmond Crime Stoppers anonymously.

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