N.Y. man vows to fight second brain cancer diagnosis: ‘I will beat this again’

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) –  Skaters didn’t break the record, but 150 Buffalonians came out to support Make-A-Wish and Nathan Brundage, who led the group on the ice bike.

Brundage from Niagara Falls said, “I have beaten this once and i’m going to do it again, and so can everybody else out there.”

In 2013 Brundage was diagnosed with grade-4 neo-blastoma brain cancer. Now, at 19, it’s back.

He said, “I ended up beating it with chemo and radiation. Just in the past couple months, I was re-diagnosed with it, with four new tumors.”

Angela Price, Brundage’s Mom, said, “He’s back into full fledged radiation and chemotherapy. But he’s amazing and he inspires people all the time.”

At Canalside’s “Chillabration,” he led a crowd of skaters onto the ice. No record was set, but Brundage says he wants to show others that he will continue to fight.
He says overcoming negativity is half the battle. He said, “You just have to keep battling and fight the good fight!”

Price said, “He doesn’t let it bring him down at all. I think it’s just his will to live and to help other people.”

As a volunteer Firefighter, he’s always helping others. So Make–A-Wish of Western New York sent his entire family on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.
He says it was a physical and mental escape from his fight. He said, “It took all the worries away for one week. It was a lot of fun.”

Now that the cancer is back, Brundage says there’s too much to live for to give up. He said, “Keep the fight.  There is always hope. I’ve done it once already, and you can do it again and again and again if you have to.”

If you’d like more information on Make-A-WIsh or Brundage’s story, you can visit theirwebsite here.

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