High school wrestler gives opponent ultimate gift

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – It’s a milestone all wrestlers reach for: 100 wins. Only a handful will get there in a high school career, and after three years Conestoga Valley’s Lucas Ortiz was just 1 win away.

“”Last year at state’s I won my first match and that put me at 99.”

But when next year came, Ortiz injured his knee tearing his ACL and meniscus. He had to make a choice, try and power through his senior year and have surgery afterward, or have immediate surgery, giving up his chance at win 100.

“I just made the decision that it’s better for me and my future if I get it now and save myself for college.”

“It was definitely tough news to take”, said Ortiz’s coach Trent Turner, “I know how devastating it was for him to know the severity of the injury.”

Ortiz knew there was still a slim chance for him to hit the century mark by staying active on the roster and earning a win via forfeit.

“I didn’t think someone would forfeit a match for me, I was just hoping, I’ve gotten forfeits before because teams don’t have someone at my weight, so it won’t be too hard to get that. But it seemed like at every match someone had a kid at my weight.”

This past Saturday Ortiz didn’t have to ‘weight’ any longer. In the opening match Chambersburg’s Matt Strunk made the ultimate gesture, forfeiting to Ortiz, giving him win 100.

“We’ve done a lot of wrestling with Lucas over the summer and spring”, said Strunk’s teammate Colin Runshew,  “He’s a good guy, it was just about doing the right thing.”

“Really he was doing it for, I don’t want to say a stranger, but someone he’s not as familiar with as some of the other kids.”

With Ortiz hitting the century mark, his name will now join 3 other wrestlers in the history of Conestoga Valley; the only to every earn 100 wins.

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