Woman has priceless reaction to learning she’ll be a great-grandmother to triplets

(WRIC/ABC) — A Mississippi woman had a priceless reaction after finding out that she’s going to be a great-grandmother to triplets.

Mary Cooksey Patterson of Sumrall, Mississippi, posted a video to Facebook that captured the moment her husband’s grandmother, 82-year-old Joy Smith, shrieks in delight after seeing in Patterson’s sonogram that she is pregnant with triplets.

Smith, who is seen in the video alongside other surprised family members, first thought the sonogram showed twins before realizing it is triplets.

“Joy’s husband died a few months ago and he was a twin so she was hoping for a twin,” Patterson, 33, told ABC News. “She was ecstatic.”

Patterson says that she and her husband, Brett Patterson, were just as shocked as Smith when they learned less than a month ago that three babies on their way.

Patterson has a 5-year-old daughter, Breckyn. She suffered a miscarriage before getting the good news that she is pregnant. She is due this summer.

“My due date is the end of July and we’re just crossing our fingers we can make it,” Patterson said. “I’m 110 pounds so it’s going be, I have no idea. Every day I look in the mirror and I’m going, ‘Oh, my word.’”

“At 10 weeks my belly has already transformed,” she said.

Patterson said there are still “no words” to describe how excited Smith is that she will be a great-grandmother to triplets.

Video of Smith’s reaction has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook, but Patterson says her grandmother doesn’t quite understand the online fame.

“She doesn’t understand Internet or anything. I think she still has a flip-phone,” Patterson said. “I keep telling her she’s going viral and all she says is, ‘I don’t understand that but I know I look terrible in that video.’”

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