Steven Avery’s ex-girlfriend: “He’s not innocent”

Video via CNN.

(WBAY) — Steven Avery’s ex-girlfriend Jodi Stachowski says he’s a “monster,” CNN reports.

The interview sharply contradicts Stachowski’s opinion in the recently released Netflix series ‘Making a Murderer.’

Stachowski said Avery beat her before he went to prison.

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“I tried to leave (him) and he smashed the windshield out of my car so I couldn’t leave him,” she said.

Once Avery was in prison, Stachowski says he threatened her that she better make him look good on Netflix, “or else.”

She says she specifically contacted Netflix and said she didn’t want to be in the documentary because it was “all lies.”

CNN says they’ve reached out to Netflix but they haven’t responded.

Meanwhile, law enforcement says her story is believable.

“I really believe her story and think this is a critical piece to this puzzle,” said Manitowoc County Sheriff Robert Hermann.

The Netflix series has prompted criticism from law enforcement officials and even animal rights groupsPeople Magazine also wrote an article Jan. 13 saying, “This Is the Avery Family’s Side of the Story.”

Stachowski says she was never in love with Avery and even ate rat poison on two separate occasions so she could go to the hospital to get away from him.

Avery was convicted for the murder of Teresa Halbach in 2007, and has since filed several appeals. The latest appeal was filed Monday before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals seeking to be released on bond.

To date all of Avery’s appeals have been rejected.

Recently, an Illinois law firm says it will work to prove Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted. Zellner and Associates has won 17 wrongful conviction exonerations, mostly through DNA testing, according to its web site.

On Wednesday, 8News sister station WBAY reached out to Zellner as well as Avery’s former counsel Dean Strang.

Zellner could not be reached for comment.

Strang’s law firm Strang Bradley has retained the Milwaukee public relations firm Mueller Communications. Rachel Berkowitz with Mueller Communications said that “Dean is unavailable for comment.”

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