Richmond International introduces new nonstop service to Denver

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Calling all travelers: Richmond International will now be offering non-stop service to Denver starting in April. I talk to airport spokesman Troy Bell about this exciting news and what it could mean for tourism to the River City.

“Any nonstop service from Richmond is a great thing from my perspective,” says traveler Thomas Clark.

Beginning April 5th, people in the capital area will have easier access to the west with United Airlines’ daily, non-stop service to Denver, Colorado.

It’s a move that’s been year’s in the making.

“There’s been a long demand for better access to the west,” Richmond International Spokesman Troy Bell said. “Again, you can go to the west coast from Richmond today, but Denver’s a very direct routing, especially for some of the central California destinations.”

It means fewer layovers for Ashley Patino, who travels back and forth from San Francisco to Richmond every few months.

“It just seems like it makes more sense,” she said. “When I go through, to and from California, sometimes they put you through Charlotte, NC, or like you have to run from one gate to the next because your layover’s only 30 minutes long.”

The new, once-daily service also bodes well for tourists from the west coast coming in to check out RVA.

“Whether it’s friends and family coming to visit or whether its businesses with new opportunities that wish to establish a presence in the RVA region, this opens up a whole new market for us,” Bell added.

Tickets are on sale today for flights to Denver. There’s another big announcement from Richmond international coming tomorrow.

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