Uber slashes rates around the country to combat post-holiday slump

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Uber has been well received and has become a well known way of transportation.

“My favorite part of Uber driving is the socialness of it,” said Uber driver, Darren Lowe. “I know a lot of friends now; I met a lot of people.”

However, this weekend Uber slashed its rates in the QCA by about 50% and thus decreased the amount that drivers earn.

“I found this out when I woke up Saturday morning,” said Lowe.

But it wasn’t just in the Quad Cities, Uber is reducing rates in 100 U.S. and Canadian cities in order to combat the post-holiday winter slump in business. Although this is good for riders, local drivers are frustrated.

“By slashing the driver’s earnings by almost 50 percent, that’s really not taking care of the people that are keeping them in business,” said Lowe.

To soften the blow of reduced fares, Uber is guaranteeing drivers $12 an hour if they aren’t able to make it through their own rides. However, there are some catches. There are certain hours that drivers must be driving in order to get their $12 pay. In addition, drivers must drive a full 60 minutes while being online the Uber app and must accept 90% of rides.

All these catches are making Uber drivers, like Lowe, question continuing to drive for the ride-sharing company.

“It really isn’t cost effective for me to get in my car, take time away from my family, the wear and tear on the car, [and] the gas the miles that it puts on your car,” said Lowe.

KWQC did reach out to Uber but was unable to get a comment. However on the app’s website, Uber states that if drivers aren’t seeing an increase in rides, fares will go back up. The website also states that for some cities, this is the third year that the company has slashed rates.

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