Redskins’ Cousins rocks throwback Starter jacket during press conference

(Photo courtesy

Hey Kirk Cousins, the 90s called … They love the look!

The Washington Redskins quarterback addressed members of the media on Wednesday rocking one of those infamous old-school Starter jackets, and it didn’t take long for those in attendance to notice.

Cousins, who was recently named to the NFL’s “Top 10 Best Dressed” list, reportedly bought the jacket on Ebay, although it was his wife, Julie, who suggested he wear it Wednesday.

Perhaps it was a humorous attempt to lighten the mood ahead of Saturday’s playoff showdown with the Packers. Or maybe Cousins is superstitious; I mean, after all, the last time the Redskins were considered a legitimate threat was back in the 90s at the height of Starter jackets’ popularity.

Either way, Cousins certainly justified his selection as one of the NFL’s best dressed players.

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