Dog led rescuers to canine companion trapped down embankment

(WWLP) — A five-year-old Male Scottish Terrier named “Jock” has barked his way into the hearts of animal lovers everywhere by helping save the life of “Annibell”, a female Scottish Terrier.

Jock and Annibell had been inseparable until their owner was hospitalized Tuesday and both dogs bolted. When Jock saw Annibell was trapped in tree branches after falling 30 feet down an embankment, Jock looked for help and led Orange Police Officer Chris Bisceglia to where his companion was suffering.

“Just the bond between the two dogs, just for that, the female dog had fallen down an embankment, and the male partner knew enough to get my attention and bring me to the animal,” Bisceglia said.

Nor has North Quabbin Animal Control Officer Jennifer Arsenault never encountered a dog quite as determined to save its companion. But she was aware that when two dogs have been companions over a long period of time, they have it in them to do something remarkable.

“If you take them apart, they will be depressed. They may stop eating. We’ve seen that when one passes and the other one stays alive,” Arsenault said.

Jock and Annibell reunited again. It’s clear the life of one wouldn’t be quite the same without the other.

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